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Topographic Mapping

A topographic or topographical land survey shows the height, depth, size and location of any manmade or natural features on a given parcel of land, as well as the changes or contours in elevation throughout the parcel.

Land Development

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Site Planning Survey

This type of survey is a combination of a boundary and a topographic survey. It is commonly used to design house lots, commercial & industrial sites, streets and highways, subdivisions, stores and playgrounds.

Boundary Survey

This is a survey of the boundaries of a property and includes physical monumentation, plats and recorded deeds. This type of land survey usually involves field work on adjoining lands to identify and verify the appropriate land boundary.

Construction Survey

This land survey is used to stake out structures, such as roads, walls, buildings and utilities. It involves slope staking, horizontal and vertical grading as well as an As-Built survey.

Location Survey

This type of land survey is similar to a boundary survey but with additional information on the location of interior improvements. It is commonly used to fulfill the requirements of a loan application or zoning permits.

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Land Development
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"I am a Michigander moving to Murphy. Ben is a solid guy and so is his crew. From the first message I left him, he promptly returned my call and set a date for the survey. I met Ben on the site and he was very helpful and answered all my questions and did an excellent job. I couldn't be more pleased with Adams Survey they delivered a 5 star experience. Anytime I need surveying . I will only use them. Anytime some asks about a surveyor. I will recommend them. Ben and crew, thanks for job well done!!"
Norton Combat
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"Survey crew showed up in a very timely manner and completed their work on time and accurately. Very pleased and can highly recommend."
David Wilson
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"I am a licensed professional land surveyor in N.C. and I have worked with this company for several years. I have found that they pursue the most perfect survey that the evidence will permit. They follow the deed documents no matter who is paying the invoice. A very honest and professional land surveying company that I am proud to support."
Another Land Surveyor

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